Super Charge Your Funnel

With a technologically expanding world, reaching those who need help is harder and harder. We can help you reach them.

We Reduce the Cost per Lead for Practices.

Get a higher return on your investment because we don’t just sell strategies. We sell solutions.

Most hearing aid marketing companies are trying to sell a practice owner more advertising. Their goal is to get you to spend more so they make more money. We take a different approach. We spend the time it takes to truly understand your business. Your history, mission, and vision are vitally important to how your prospects see you. Once we understand your business, we will design, implement, and manage a marketing plan that suits your needs.

Comprehensive Analysis

We create a plan that compliments your existing marketing strategy.

Stick to the Plan

With creativity and ingenuity, we focus on success without breaking the bottom line.

On Your Team

By playing on your team, we are executing every play together to help you succeed.

Hearing Touch Machine

Pre-screen potential pateints with the easy to use Hearing Touch Machine. Collect their contact info and start a conversation!

Social Media

Build your audience with social media and blogs targeted to improve your network and place better on search engines!

TV & Radio

Connect with viewers and listeners on a daily basis using radio and tv commercials to share information and promotions!

Direct Mail

Get your information into the hands of your primary demographic. Several in house designs or build your own!

Promotional Items

Plaster your logo on anything! Hand out a daily reminder to your contacts and be on their mind!

E-Mail Drip Campaigns

Use those newsletter signups and create extensive drip campaigns to create buzz and increase opportunities!


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