The Hearing Touch Machine

A game changing audiology marketing tool that enables new conversations with potential patients

Watch what the Hearing Touch Machine can do

Click here for a short video on how the HTM functions and what you can expect when deploying one.

Easy to Setup

Device comes pre-programmed and units can be setup in under 5 minutes

Accurate Results

The screening is programmed with noise cancellation and corrective listening to ensure accuracy within 3 db

Data Analytics

All submissions are sent back to your personal portal where you have tools to better help you understand and utilize your data

Simple to Use

Every step of the test comes with voice over instructions, ensuring that anyone can take the screening

Instant Leads

When a loss is detected, both the potential patient and your staff are notified and take the next step together

Custom to You

The entire HTM experience is branded to ensure that you have maximum exposure to the community


Cary, IL 60013