T.V. & Radio

Despite the meteoric rise of social media and digital channels, TV and Radio continue to reign supreme for advertising, because nothing beats being seen and heard by your audience.

Radio reaches 54% of the US population every day

Radio advertising is one of the most efficient and cost-effective marketing channels available for consistently reaching seniors in a small to medium size market. In addition, radio has a multiplier effect on other forms of advertising; increasing response for direct mail and newspaper ads.

Pricing of radio placement varies by market and station, but it’s almost always the most cost-effective way to consistently reach your target audience. Hearing Care Marketing has developed engaging radio campaigns that catch attention, build your brand, and drive response.

We offer free market analysis and then recommend the schedule and station that fits your budget. Let us develop a radio advertising plan that makes sense for your practice and your budget.

People spend an average of 4.5 hours a day watching TV

Much like radio, television advertising can be more affordable and efficient for reaching your target demographic (Seniors) than you may think. With people spending a 6th of their life consuming Live TV, there are more opportunities to reach potential patients and inform the public of the reality of hearing loss.

Despite what many other marketers say, Live TV is not dying. Instead, they are more focused on getting you to buy marketing tools and methods that give them more leverage with your data and more control over your marketing spend. We believe that you should have the opportunity to reach you customers where they are, in their are and on their couch.

Knowing how to buy the right schedule on the right station, means the difference between a successful radio campaign and a waste of money. Hearing Care Marketing has the expertise to create memorable commercials that make your phone ring.


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